Casual & Functional Textiles

We love casual wear and functional textiles. KenDor has been targeting these markets for quite some time. If you really enjoy something, it's always easier to do a good job, while respecting the planet at the same time.

KenDor is now focusing on the new and widening scope of environmentally and socially responsible textiles made from Recycled Technical Fibers, Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Hemp, and Merino Wool.

Bamboo textiles

Sustainable, Soft, Organic Cotton Blends.
Natural lustre, beautiful drape, soft to the touch and machine washable...

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Functional textiles

Breathable, Dry, Wearable.
KenDor’s Technical Polyester, Bonded Dintex and Active-wear Stretch fabrics are primarily sourced in the highly experienced Taiwanese textile mills.

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Additional Services

More than just fabrics.
KenDor can also help you with custom fabric orders, sublimation printing, fabric sourcing and more...

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OEKO-TEX®Standard 100 is a certification process that tests for harmful substances used during all stages of production (raw materials, intermediate, and end product). This includes testing for illegal substances, legally regulated substances, known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals, and other parameters for health care. It provides manufacturers with a uniform benchmark when evaluating harmful substances potentially used in the production process. Environmentally consious manufacturers produce fabrics that are tested for safety and skin-friendly.




Sedatex is a Spanish company that has been in business for over 100 years, they offer a wide variety of different prints and textures. Their newest line for 2015 is one of the most exciting yet, we encourage you to make a appointment and come take a look!


KenDor Textiles will be exhibiting our fabrics at the following 2015 & 2016 trade shows, we would love for you to come by and see what we have to offer!

DG Expo Miami - September 9-10th

Midcoast Sourcing Show - September 11-12th

L.A. Textile Show - September 28-30th

DG Expo San Francsico - November 22-23rd

DG Expo New York - January 20-21st

new colours and fabric available NOW!

KenDor's customer Angela Tsai, the founder of Mamachic, recently interviewed KenDor's president Paul King to discover more about KenDor's processes. Check out what Paul had to say about his ethical footprint in the textile industry here!

This summer we will be introducing exciting new colours in some of our most popular fabrics!

NEW T4148, T4350, T4712, T4151, T4803, T4149 Bamboo, Cotton, Spandex - 200 gsm/5.9 oz

NEW T4074 Chitosante Extreme - 255 gsm/7.5 oz

NEW T4095 Chitosante Interlock - 145 gsm/4.3 oz and T4295 Light Weight Chitosante Interlock - 125 gsm/3.7 oz

We are excited to introduce a new fabric that will be available in June! Contact us today to prebook your order quantities.

NEW T4128 Organic Cotton Bamboo Slub Jersey - 140 gsm/4.1 oz

KenDor Textiles is excited to announce that we are British Millerains' Canadian, Mid west & Western USA Representatives. This world class oil & wax cloth mill will be a natural fit with Kendor's fabric line. Please contact Paul King if you wish to view.